Get the Creative Juices Flowing! Top Reasons to Use a Notebook to Improve Creativity

Put down your electronic notebook and pick up an organic one instead! The advent of technology has been found out to seemingly rescind many major industries like the stationery and paper notes trade. However, analogue tools that are available in stationary shops and online paper trade websites like Notedian can’t just be abolished since they give a way better, and more genuine feel to writing than just typing the letters down on the keyboard. Writing on any of the best notebooks for sale online makes your content more personal and it creates meaning to every letter and word you scribble. This makes creative people like artists and writers always go back to these organic writing tools. Surpassing the convenience offered by electronic gadgets, writing in your Clairefontaine notebook with your trusty pen has the peculiar ability that draws out more creativity from any writer who’s stuck in a bind.

This article explains why, as a creative writer, using any LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook from Notedian can help you get your creative juices flowing:

You are less likely to get distracted by the use of notebooks for creative writing.

There are a lot of factors that may distract your train of thought as a creative writer. Creative people tend to be absorbed in almost everything interesting in their eyes. If you write or type your creative works on electronic gadgets like laptops with Internet access, the possibility of getting distracted by things like social media networks and other leisurely activities can throw you off of your writing concentration.

Your inner artsy enthusiasm will be awakened.

More than digital devices, writing on notebooks can exercise more parts of your brain. Sketching and writing enhance the right part of your brain, while your artistry and creative ideas come from the left part. With this, you can have more brain power to finish your writing. Apart from that, it will be easier for you to connect all your ideas for your writing project.

In note taking, writing on notebooks will improve your memory and learning.

Swiping and typing on touch screens and keyboards is simply not the same compared to actually writing down your thoughts. By stimulating your brain thru the physicality of using a notebook, you can improve your cognitive abilities while you form a deeper connection with the concepts you wrote down, therefore remembering them better.

You can revise your concepts better and sharpen them in the process.

Did you know that the theory of gravitation by Leonardo da Vinci was first formulated on his sketch pad notebook? If he didn’t write down his theory, scientific progress would’ve been much more delayed. Imagine what you can do with your own journal from Notedian! Your creative process is carefully but effectively sharpened thru writing since you have greater control over all the aspects unlike in an electronic gadget where you are limited to how and when you write.

Notebooks are there whenever and wherever you need them.

Perhaps you like to write by the sea, or while taking a stroll at a forest park. Maybe you like writing atop a mountain and other places where there are no distractions and much people. If you write on electronic gadgets, you might have to rely on a power source as to not limit your tie in writing. No creative work is completely done within the scope of a gadget’s battery limit. Having notebooks can give you unlimited time and portability like no electronic gadget ever can.

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