5 maintenance tips for Harley-Davidson bikes

Getting your very own Harley-Davidson is a big investment. Thus, it will also require dedication and commitment from you to maintain it and to strictly follow its maintenance schedule. For example, you are required to have your Harley Davidson first service once you reach the 1000-mile mileage.

harley davidson first service

A well-maintained Harley-Davidson will keep it in a great running condition for a very long time.

Here are some tips on how to keep your Harley-Davidson in good shape:

1. Have your Harley Davidson first service done at an authorized dealer.

It is necessary that you have your bike’s first service at an authorized HD dealer to keep its warranty. The warranty for Harley-Davidson is good for 2 years and your bike will need its first service once it reaches the 1000-mile mileage. Majority of bikers reach 1000-mile mileage before their bikes turn 2 years old, and having its first service done other than an authorized dealer will void its warranty.

An authorized Harley-Davidson service centre will not only change the engine oil, but it will also include the following services during your Harley Davidson first service:

  • Change transmission fluid
  • Change primary fluid
  • Check throttle cables and lube clutch
  • Make necessary adjustments on clutch, cables, primary chain, and belt
  • Thoroughly check the electrical system
  • Check the batteries if they are still good

2. Strictly follow the maintenance schedule of your Harley-Davidson.

The maintenance schedule of your bike can be found on your Harley-Davidson’s manual. As much as possible have your bike’s servicing done only at authorized service centres because they have professionals and experts who know everything well about Harley-Davidson.

These authorized service centres also have original Harley merchandise, in case your bike needs replacement parts.

3. Regularly clean your air filter.

Dust and dirt on the road are unavoidable, so it is advisable that you clean your air filter regularly. Accumulation of dirt and foreign particles on your air filter can cause damage to your engine. See more here Harley Davidson first service

Cleaning your air filter will depend on your environment. If you often ride through rough and dirt roads, then it is advisable that you clean your air filter at least once a week. If not, follow the recommended cleaning schedule found on your bike’s manual.

4. Regularly tune-up your engine.

Tuning up your bike’s engine is necessary to keep it running smooth and avoid rumbles on the road. Only trust an authorized mechanic to tune up your Harley-Davidson’s engine.

5. Check your wheels

It is important that your wheels have the proper air pressure. Checking your wheels will depend on how often you use your bike. If you use your bike as daily transportation to work, checking it once a week is enough. However, if you are in a long drive for days, then it is advisable that you check the air pressure at least twice a day.

If you want to customize your bike’s wheels, custom Harley Davidson Australia services has available wheels that you can choose from, depending on your bike model.

Authorized HD dealers do not only sell bikes and offer servicing. Harley Davidson merchandise Australia supplier has several spare parts and accessories to offer which you can buy to customize your bike. Please visit gasolinealleyhd.com.au for more information about Harley-Davidson bikes.