Movie Theaters are places of entertainment. Usually, a big, dark room with leather seats inside and a movie projector to play the film and tell its story, it is a worthwhile experience to witness the plots unfold before your eyes. But, do you know that you can make your own movie theater at home by having a projector and a projector stand?

projector stand

Projectors have always been used in the movie theater industry to project a huge motion picture on the blank white screen. Movies of different genres in Hollywood or other international and local films produced are made seen because of the projector that is used and is situated in the back room of the theater.

Buying a projector comes with the need for using a projector stand to support its weight. Teachers, businessmen, motivational speakers and other people who use projectors can attest that having suitable equipment other than just using a table or some kind of platform, actually gives them an organized sense of space.

Moreover, a projector stand comes in a few shapes and sizes because projectors also come in these differences, too. 3D HD Gear, a Florida-based company offering a variety of Audio and Video technology have these products in store for you.

So how exactly are you going to have that movie theater experience at home? Below are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Get a Projector, Its Stand, Screen, and Screen Stand

Movie Theater is not the use of a 50 inch smart TV to play a movie on Netflix. No movie theater has ever used a TV to premiere movies.

Unlike TV, a projector can showcase on a big screen for a huge audience. Having a movie theater at home should make you invest for a projector, its stand, a white screen, and a projector screen stand to give you that big viewing experience.

If your laptop with a Netflix movie being played is connected to the projector, expect your inner moviegoer to be wowed — because it is just like going to a movie theater — except that it is under the comfort of your own home!

2. Install a Good Sound System

A movie without sound is boring. Well, it worked before. But now, there are thousands of technologies that make you love hearing.

From Bluetooth speakers, musical stereos and using other sound systems, you can hear your movies on what levels of volume you want.

Choosing a good sound system depends on the quality of the sound and durability of the device. Your hearing is the limit. See more hereĀ projector stand

3. Soundproof Your Mini Movie Theater

It’s all fun and games until you disturb your next-door neighbor sleeping peacefully. Soundproofing your movie theater is a necessity.

Installing acoustic panels, sound absorbing blankets or drywalls can help in keeping the sound inside.

Like in a recording studio, it needs soundproofing. But singers on a budget, making a diy portable sound booth will help them. Likewise, installing soundproofing materials in your movie theater at home can be a DIY job for you.

Movies will have a lot of sounds. Soundproofing your movie theater room will be a sign of respect to your neighbors.

Take Up the Challenge

A movie theater room at home will make you love being at home with where your family is. What are you waiting for? Create one now!

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