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Lease a vehicle for business and enjoy several perks

On the website, you’re going to see plenty of commercial vehicles that you can hire for your business. From 4WDs to buses, there is an assortment of vehicles to choose from.

Now, you might be weighing your options between buying and leasing. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, the second option offers several benefits that can help sweeten the deal.

Why is leasing business vehicles a better option than simply buying straight from the manufacturer?

Eliminate business risks

Buying a truck would mean taking a good chunk out of your capital to fund the purchase. If you lease one, however, you may not even be required to put a down payment.

Just pay the required lease amount.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade, you won’t need to spend a lot of time trying to sell the truck off. No huge investment you need to recoup either.

With your business capital intact, you can afford to finance other more important business needs.

Flexible lease terms

You have the option to rent a vehicle for short-term or long-term needs. If you click One Way on the homepage, you will see that you can rent a single cab Ute, Hiace van, or a truck for as short as three days. Click here 1300 Truck Hire

You can also hire a vehicle from 1 to 5 years, depending on your business’ vehicle needs.

In the event that you want to switch the rented vehicle for a different model, you don’t have to wait long to get it done. Of course, this will depend on the terms agreed upon.

Guaranteed costs

When you lease a vehicle, the associated expenses are known and fixed. That is, you know exactly what goes into the lease amount, how much you will pay every month, and when.

With 1300 Truckhire, cost includes insurance, maintenance, registration, tyres and hire fees. This makes it easier to create a budget.

Easy upgrade

As previously mentioned, if you want to upgrade your truck, you can easily do so with a hire company once the contract is up. Before you renew the terms, switch to another vehicle.

What if you want to upgrade during a contract?

You have the option to rent another vehicle for a fixed term. Being able to acquire trucks as and when you need them allows you to compete for bigger contracts.

What is even better is that you still get to enjoy tax benefits when you lease a car for your business. The amount may not be as big as when you purchase a vehicle for company use but considering you hardly invested anything initially, the tax return is a bonus.

Lease a truck from 1300 Truckhire

The company lets you enjoy all the benefits listed above and help reduce downtime as well. In the event that a truck for hire breaks down, you will be provided with an equivalent vehicle while the rental is under repair.

For your business vehicle needs, visit

How to find unique gifts for special occasions for your loved ones

Ever wonder how you can surprise your special someone on their special day without them ever knowing? There are many ways for you to do this and one way is to hire a helicopter for a special trip. If you check out, you will see exactly what this means.

There are many things you can do with the help of helicopters that can make a day truly memorable. Want to give your better half an amazing adventure on her birthday? How about going on a sweet tour that ends with you on one knee and a ring box in hand after a day of flying around?

Flights, tours, and more for a memorable day

Forget that surprise party that people always expect at the end of the day on their birthday. Inviting someone to a bar or to a friend’s home on a false pretence only for them to feign surprise when people pop out with a cake, balloons, and presents is such a cliché. Why not do something different this year by taking them on a surprise flight that takes them to different vineyards and breweries where they can enjoy a wide variety of wines and beers instead?

When you check out Slattery Helicopters, you will see a wide variety of helicopter adventures for you to choose from, and these include options that range from a 2 hour breakfast trip to somewhere off-the-beaten-path to a six-hour getaway that includes a romantic breakfast with wine, lunch with still more wine, and a tour of Hunter Valley.

Other options that include a ride in a helicopter, majestic scenery, and still more wine tasting include:

Romantic lunch with scenic ride – you can take your better half to a special lunch that begins with an aerial tour of the countryside and ends with a feast, wine, a bouquet of flowers, and special alone time in a gazebo overlooking a vineyard.

Beach tour with special breakfast – fly over cliffs and view the ocean from above after which you will enjoy breakfast in an upscale restaurant in the area. Would you like to have wine with your breakfast?

Tapas, tours, and a bottle of wine – how about going on a scenic flight that ends with an amazing tapas meal with a bottle of wine? You can even buy more wine to take home with you afterward.

If you are thinking of taking someone to simply view the area or want to get a child to see the world from a different perspective, you can also take them on one of many helicopter rides that Aerologistics has to offer. Take them on a tour that takes them over various vineyards and talk about wine making. You can also take them to a trip to and from the city and the countryside to show them the difference between the two.

Whatever you choose, you will find that the trip is educational, fun, and memorable not only for your loved one but for you as well. Visit and see what your choices are for a day that you will both truly remember.

Useful tips for creating a good cycling itinerary for the Otago Central Rail Trail

Do you love cycling the outdoors? Well, good for you! One of the best places to do it is the Otago Central Rail Trail. With the help of professionals at, you can plan a trip that you will not forget.

To create the best itinerary for this wonderful trail in New Zealand, here are tips that can use:

When are the best times to go?

The best time to cycle the trail would be November, because the month experiences ideal weather every day. Also, this would be the time when the flowers along the trail bloom.

However, you can still choose to cycle the trail in other months. Just remember that the weather can easily change, so it is recommended to wear or bring the right clothing and gear. Be ready to experience sunny hot and wet and windy days.

Is it better to cycle alone or with a group?

While you have the option to cycle on your own, it would be better to go with your family, friends, or a group. Aside from the fact that you will be safer with a guide and other people, it will be more convenient.

Typically, going on a group tour will remove the inconvenience of taking your luggage on your bike. You will be provided with a place where you can leave your other belongings safely.

All you need to bring are the cycling essentials and food that you need for the entire trip. You can easily carry them in a small pannier or backpack.

What level of fitness do you need to be?

Like other physical activities, cycling the Otago Rail Trail needs you to be reasonably fit to enjoy the whole experience without worrying about any health risk. Some sections are quite steep and can be challenging to ride.

How much time do I need to cycle the Otago Rail Trail?

As per expert Otago Rail Trail cyclists, such as those at Cycle Surgery , it would take 4 days and 3 nights to complete the trail on a bike. However, you can take as much time as you like, as long as you have booked accommodation to spend more time along the trail.

As for the speed limit, it is 10 kilometres per hour.

Are there shops, pubs, and other amenities along the route?

Yes, there are shops and pubs along and off the trail. These include individual establishments located in Clyde, Alexandra, Chatto Creek, Omakau, Oturehua, and Ranfurly.

Of course, there are also toilets along the trail.

What types of accommodation are available?

There are backpackers-shared accommodations, bed and breakfast hotels, and exclusive lodges along the trail. If you have your own camping gear and equipment, you can also stay at the camping grounds located in Clyde, Ranfurly, Naseby, and Middlemarch.

Create you cycling itinerary with Cycle Surgery

Now that you gathered some useful information about the Otago Central Rail Trail, it is time to create your itinerary. However, you should not go to any cycling tour provider; you should plan your trip with a team who knows the trail very well.

With that said, you should get in touch with Cycle Surgery. They can design the perfect itinerary that suits your needs and budget. All you have to is show up and enjoy the ride.

Know the cycling packages that they offer at