How to prolong the life of your smartphone

With the countless number of online shops such as that are selling mobile phones, we cannot deny that our lives greatly depend on technology.

Thanks to mobile phones, our lives have become so much comfortable. Communicating with our family and peers have been so much easier. Today, there are already several apps available that can help you with your most mundane daily activities.

However, mobile phones such as smartphones can be quite pricey; therefore, it’s only imperative that you take care of them.

Here are some helpful tips on how to protect and prolong the life of your smartphones:

1. Clean your gadget thoroughly

Always keep your phone free from dirt. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time and can cause internal damage to your phone. Do not attempt to open your gadget to clean it. Before cleaning your smartphone, always read first the instruction manual. Follow what is instructed on the manual, some phone units are sensitive to water and other cleaning solutions, so avoid using these.

2. Take care of your smartphone’s battery

  • Do not wait for your battery to drain before charging it up. Draining can shorten your battery’s life. To be safe, keep your smartphone’s battery at least 50% full most of the time.
  • Only use an original charger. There are several replica chargers available on the market today. However, replica chargers are not only dangerous to use, but they can also damage your mobile phone’s battery. You may use chargers of other brands, as long as this charger is original.
  • Do not overcharge your battery. As much as possible, remove your gadget once the battery is 100% full. Just like draining your battery, overcharging can shorten your battery’s life.

3. Protect your gadget with a casing

Phone cases do not only protect your electronics from scratches, but it will prevent damage during accidents. So if you accidentally drop your smartphone, the case serves as your phone’s shock absorber. Another importance of protective cases is it prevents dust and dirt from getting inside your phone.

Protective cases need not be expensive. Cases may come in different colours, designs, and materials. You can check affordable but good quality cases at MyMobile.

4. Keep away from sunlight and heat

Avoid exposing your smartphone to direct sunlight and extreme heat because it can damage the LCD, batteries, and the internal drives. Heat can hasten the chemical reactions inside your battery, losing its electrolytes; electrolytes is responsible for your battery’s ability to hold its charge. The LCD, on the other hand, is damaged when the outer layer of the screen gets scorched up by the sun’s heat.

5. Only trust a reputable repair shop

Time will come when your phone will need a repair, only go through a reputable phone repair shop such as It may be more expensive but you are assured that your phone will get fixed. Fixing your phone is way cheaper than buying a new one.