The 5 basic bike accessories you need

You just got a new bike and you are excited to go hop in and go on an adventure. However, there are some accessories that you have to buy to ensure your safety while cycling, such as a helmet. Mellow Johnny’s has all sorts of accessories and gears that you can buy for your safety and make your riding experience a pleasurable one.

Biking gears, equipment, or accessories are all available at this site. Aside from providing you protection, these accessories can help you in case there are problems you encounter while you are on the road. If there are accessories deemed necessary, there are also accessories that are considered as toys and add-ons that hobbyists love to buy.

Here are some of the necessary gears you need that you can buy from Mellow Johnny’s:

1. Helmet

Wearing a helmet is mandatory when you go out to have a ride. Although the law may not require you to wear one, a helmet can provide you with protection and reassurance. In buying a helmet, choose the one that fits you right, with no space between your head. Also, choose a helmet with polystyrene liner; this is the material that will absorb the shock during accidents.

2. Bike pumps

Pumps depend on what kind of tire valves your bike has. If you have an old model bike, you may need an extension tube to connect the pump to your tires. Newer bike models can be connected directly to your bike.

Also, check with your bike shop to know the right pressure when inflating your tires. Lastly, read review to know which pumps are durable and is suitable for your bike model.

3. Repair kit

You only have to bring your bike’s basic repair kit when you are out cycling. The basic repair kit includes tire levers, puncture kit, spare tube, and multi-tool. Your basic repair kit can fit inside your bike bag.

4. Water bottle holder and water bottle

You must always remember to stay hydrated when you are out, and the best way to remain hydrated is to bring your own water. If you do not have a water bottle holder, at least bring a water bottle that can fit inside your bike bag.

5. Lights

Whether you are planning for a night ride or not, it is best to install front and rare lights. Bike lights can keep you safe by making you visible to other vehicles. If you want bike lights that can illuminate your way, choose strong lights. Before heading out, always remember to fully charge your lights, or if they are battery-operated, bring spare batteries for long-distance rides.

6. Saddle bags, baskets or panniers

These attachments are convenient especially if you love touring and long distances. You no longer have to carry your backpacks at your back during rides, which can be hot and uncomfortable.

These are just some of the necessary gears, attachments or gears you need when owning a bike. You can check here for other accessories that you may need to upgrade your bike.

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